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Last update at: May 18, 2024, 10:56 PM

District Comments
District 1 (Southeast)  
District 2 (Central)  
District 3 (Southwest) Evanston/Bear River Drive: Bridge deck replacement. Height restriction of 10 feet in effect. Use alternate route.

WY22: Planned bridge deck pour, Monday, May 20th at 5 am., Traffic reduced to one lane for approximately one hour near Jackson at intersection of WY 390. Please plan accordingly.

WY22: Weight limit of 60,000 GVW is in effect over Teton Pass between Jackson and the Idaho state line from milepost 7 to 17.

US30: Watch for falling rock between Kemmerer and Cokeville from milepost 36 to 38.


District 4 (Northeast)  
District 5 (Northwest)  

Falling Rock
CentralUS 20 / WY 789 ThermopolisBoysen Dam
NorthwestUS 14 ShellAntelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area
US 14/16/20 Pahaskathe Shoshone National Forest Boundary
 the Shoshone National Forest BoundaryCody
US 14 A 22 miles east of Lovellthe Sheridan/Big Horn County Line
US 189/191 BondurantHoback Jct
US 212 Mile Marker 4.5, Westbound Closure GateWY 296
US 26/89 Alpine JctHoback Jct
WY 22 Wilsonthe Idaho State Line
WY 296 US 212WY 120
Strong Winds
NorthwestUS 212 Mile Marker 4.5, Westbound Closure GateWY 296
WY 296 US 212WY 120
SoutheastI 80 Exit 235, Walcott JctExit 255, WY 72
 Exit 255, WY 72Exit 267, Wagonhound Rd
WY 72 I-80Hanna Jct
SouthwestWY 28 Mile Marker 47Mile Marker 63, Westbound Closure Gate
Impact Levels Description / Recommended Action
Low Minimal impacts expected, use general caution.
Moderate Some impacts expected, use extra caution. Stay alert for changing road and weather conditions.
High Dangerous impacts expected, use extreme caution, delay travel or consider alternate route. If travel is necessary, slow down and allow extra time.
CLOSED Per W.S. 24-1-109, motorists traveling on a closed road without permission from WYDOT or WHP may be subject to a fine of up to $750 and/or up to 30 days imprisonment.
Seasonal / Long-Duration Event Impact level used to distinguish long-duration events from emergent events.
All travelers are encouraged to check present conditions and forecasts before departing.