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The map-based feature provides pre-trip information. Users can choose between a conditions layer and a cameras layer. Distracted driving is dangerous. Do not use the map feature while driving. For information while on the road, the Wyoming 511 app provides a Hands Free/Eyes Free feature that provides audible alerts.
On the conditions layer, a color-coded system shows impact-based road conditions and traffic incidents. Users can click on a clustered icon to zoom in on the map and then click on color-coded icons to get specific road condition and incident details.
On the cameras layer, users can click on clustered icons to zoom in on the map and then click on camera icons to see a single image. A second click lets the user see more images at the same location.
Zoom for routes that are not shown.

The Hands Free / Eyes Free feature provides enroute information. Users hear road condition information for the route they are traveling on and traffic incidents within a user-defined radius. In order to hear Hands Free/Eyes Free alerts, the cell phone must have sound enabled and cannot be in silent mode.

The Where Am I? feature allows users to quickly identify their location. The display shows route and mile marker when on a Wyoming highway and latitude/longitude at all times. This information can be sent via text message. The Where Am I feature is most accurate when the user is stationary.
Users of the app should be aware that text messages are not secure and the ability to send a message is only available in the cell carrier's coverage area.

There are several user configurable settings accessible from the home screen. General settings include:
  • Colorblind Mode
  • Show Disclaimer
  • App Version
Hands-Free / Eyes Free settings include:
  • Range
  • Speech
Network settings include:
  • Metered Data
  • Roaming Data
  • Data Update Interval

Users can submit comments, ask questions, suggest feature enhancements and report bugs at: wyoroad@wyo.gov.

User information is not collected by the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Wyoming 511 for Android Download

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